About Me

Welcome! I'm Courtney Strong--Believer in Christ. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Licensed Professional Counselor. Writer. ... Mommy.

And I am absolutely thrilled to share something I've discovered with you.

I've learned if our minds have the ability to be preoccupied with problems, then they can also be preoccupied with promise.

And that's what the Bubbling Within study is all about. Jesus told the woman at the well, "If you only knew the gift God has for you..."(John 4:10, NLT). As we embrace specific gifts from God leading us to companionship, belonging and joy, our anthem changes. It moves from "If I only knew" to "I live life knowing." That alone changes the movie script of our lives.

Join us. Follow what we are doing. Take the study yourself.  This blog is about life, the Giver of more life than we could imagine, and the amazing circumstances that come our way (spanning the gamut of emotions--from hilarity to sorrow and silly to memorable)--all of which we were meant to share in companionship with our Creator.

I love to hear from people, so bring on the comments!