Sunday, June 3, 2012

POP *Sprinkle*

My friends threw a "Courtney's About to POP" sprinkle yesterday honoring Paisley and me. 
A sprinkle is a cute sister to a shower, but for the second baby!  
All the food was prepared in POP fashion. Lemon POPpyseed muffins, Blueberry POPovers, Homemade Heart POPtarts, Cake POPs :) All with corresponding signage :) 

 Hostess Pic: Me, Lindy, Ashley and Kathlene
Thank you Ashley, for another beautiful celebration at your home! 
These girls know how to throw a pink party! 


 What a dream come true. I've wanted to see these "P" cookies for a very long time, Paisley! 

 My spiritual mentor and one of my best friends of 12 years and her newest addition 
(Maci & Juliana Barnett) 

 Love this girl, Erin!

 Catching up with Amanda :)

 My niece Abby and I having girl time 

Sisters! Kayla got the special gift seat! 

Loved seeing your name in a banner!  

A wreath my friends made for you for the hospital, Paisley! 

TOO cute :)

All this for you, Baby girl! 

 Such a fun time celebrating God's upcoming gift to me and Josh. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Thirty and Thriving, Right?

There were lots going through my mind two weekends ago on my birthday. The playlist? Yes, D. Carter's line of "I still remember when 30 was old...," Tim McGraw's "My Next 30 Years," and Point of Grace- "Blue Skies" (because for ONCE, on my birthday-- it was absolute sunshine and not a monsoon).

I was surprised to be diagnosed just days before my birthday with gestational diabetes--which made for an interesting day when I would usually crave chocolate chip cookie cake. But because of this, the day was mixed with a grand shift in perspective--and a focus on the things I had been given that will last.

I know the medical news threw Josh off just a bit. He wanted to serve me more for breakfast than water and eggs, but he never let on. He just about gave me the best birthday ever a low carb girl could ask for.  I was able to have manis and pedis with my friends in the afternoon. I had a pic to post of the four of us, but I think two of them would kill me because they were in their running attire from the morning. I may be 30, but I'm not near ready to die.

Later that evening Josh took me out for a fanciful dinner at Maggiano's in the Galleria. He had lots of surprises up his sleeve...which I loved.

Thank you Josh, for making my day so special -- EGD (every girl's dream).

For ME? 

Flowers from J. 3 Words- Plants and Petals. Take note, my friends. 
BEST place for floral arrangements HANDS DOWN. :)