Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If You Had One Week Left to Spend Alone With the Boy of Your Dreams...

...what would you do?

Well... go to HEB just to do the Buddy Bucks...3 times instead of the usual 2. have a memorable Chick-fil-A date at the mini table and chairs and say "cheers" as you high-five your chicken nuggets :) let him do the workout video with you when he begs to join you

...relish in reading the Tickle Monster book one more time

...and if you really are smitten one this boy, you just might let him pretend he's the king of the castle on a drawbridge

you might also go for one more family swim, hold hands while watching his baby videos, and share a scoop of afternoon icecream. Yep, you'd definitely do that. 

This question, "what would I do with one more week with my little buddy" has been on my mind since last weekend, since the doctors told me basically I had one week left before my little girl came!

I'm living it up with this little guy. But also excited for our family to grow!


  1. I can't wait for your sweet family to grow by one more! Love you guys!

  2. Hi Courtney! I just followed your blog. I pray many blessings over you, your new book, and baby! Love Cheryl