Monday, April 9, 2012

New Easter Tradition for the Fam

...and all you need is a flashlight for each person!

In this case, we used 1 flashlight and 2 headlamps (which can also prove to be fun). I'm sure Josh was wondering what I was doing when I asked him to find 3 flashlights. I told my son we had a "new Easter game." Need I say he excitedly followed? The three of us went into our master bedroom and turned off all of the lights. We told lil H, "Before Easter, it was very dark. But then when Easter came, the lights came because Jesus is Alive!" All three of us flashed our lights all around the once-dark room, excitedly repeating, "Jesus is Alive!" I just love this toddler stage of repetition when they repeat something like this!

When the kiddos get older, we will move this tradition to midnight on Easter-eve. For now, finding a dark room and turning out the lights works just as well. :) Besides, I'm not even up at midnight these days!

Happy tradition-keeping and making to you!

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