Friday, April 6, 2012

Seems a little weird to me...... be spending part of Holy Week in Las Vegas! As soon as we left the writing conference, Josh had a client/work meeting in Nevada. The quiet, majestic trees I had just left in the Redwood Mountains seemed to create a more complementary setting to where our hearts desired to be for the week. However, two things have changed my mind a little this morning. One, is the article here posted by JA. The noise and clamor are absolutely appropriate to the confusion of this week. Holy Week is about remembering the darkness and the suffering, so we all the more appreciate what happened on the third day.

Secondly, I've learned the value of seeking. You see what you seek (or what you want to see). Sometimes this is with the senses of faith, but sometimes it's with actually eyes. In my case, it was ears. I could hear the birds chirping high above these albeit beautiful buildings, attempting to reach sky status.

With this in mind, the sparkly scenery looked brighter, and the weird ways of the world were put in their place.

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