Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm not sure I remember the remnants of Easter staying with me as much as this year. The tangible evidence of Easter still lingers at our house, and that part is not that unusual. Blue and yellow eggs still sit in a basket (I have a toddler who considers them a new toy). Marshmallow bunnies (ok, ONE bunny) and pastel M&Ms have yet to be eaten (thank goodness).

It's more about what is going on the inside. Perhaps it's the post others are making concerning after-Easter reflections. Or maybe it's just me catching up on the reading! Reading what others have written can create a domino effect in the soul---if our soul is open and willing to be "knocked over."

I've found it's not a bad thing to be knocked over. Sure, you could see the humility side of being "dominoed," but what about the element of being knocked over in awe?

For example, I was caught up by the thoughts in Beth's post on the LPM blog. Spot on to the character of God. And yet, it will surprise you.

My typical MO is to switch over to the next thing. At this point of the year, I'm all about passing out the Coppertone and probably over-willing to take in the smell of chlorine. But I hope that your heart and mine can slow down enough to take in all that we encountered last weekend. The leftovers.

What leftovers is your heart enjoying?


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  1. Thank you Courtney for reminding us to not just pack up our bunnies and baskets and go on our way. We need to remember that our hearts and minds should be "springing" forth with appreciation and awe as we contemplate our Risen Savior everyday, not just this time of year.